More and more French television programs including TV series are acquired for the U.S. market or developed and co-produced between both countries. 


In addition to the selection dedicated to French cinema, a competition of French films made for television was introduced in 2015 at COLCOA. Theatrical features remain the predominant part of the program, yet the inclusion of special fare for TV is a logical addition for a competitive arena in Hollywood.



Seven of the eleven films and series selected will be shown on loop from Tuesday April 19 to Monday April 25 in the Melville theater (Free – No RSVP). Four additional programs will be shown (tickets required) in the Truffaut Theater on Wednesday April 26 and on Monday May 1st.


For the second year a jury of professionals will vote for the COLCOA TELEVISION awards in addition to the audience vote


Click here of a complete list of the 2016 COLCOA TELEVISION Awards winners. 


COLCOA TELEVISION is presented by The Franco-American Cultural Fund, a partnership of the Directors Guild of America, the Motion Pictures Association of America, the SACEM and the Writers Guild of America West, in association with TV France International and TITRAFILM.