In 2015, in addition to the selection dedicated to French cinema, the festival introduced a competition of French films made for television, which included dramas, mini-series and series.

Films for television have become an important part of the French production and an increasing number of series is acquired for the U.S. market or developed and co-produced between both countries.  Although theatrical features will remain the predominant part of the COLCOA program, yet the inclusion of TV productions is a logical addition for a competitive arena in Hollywood. This “mini French (film) revolution”, was also a festival premiere throughout Los Angeles and arguably in the U.S.

The COLCOA TELEVISION selection (7 films and series) was announced the same day as the COLCOA CINEMA competition on April 1st, 2015. Both programs took place at the Directors Guild of America, from April 20 to April 28. As in the feature film category, the audience voted for the COLCOA BEST TELEVISION PROGRAM AWARDS:


2015 winners are:


TV Movie Award

DANBE (Danbé, la tête haute)

Directed by: Bourlem Guerdjou

Written by: Pierre Linhart, Bourlem Guerdjou


TV Series Award

SPIRAL (Engrenages) – Season 5

Directed by: Frédéric Jardin

Written by : Anne Landois, Simon Jablonka


COLCOA TELEVISION is presented by The Franco-American Cultural Fund, a partnership of the Directors Guild of America, the Motion Pictures Association of America, the SACEM and the Writers Guild of America West, in association with TV France International and TITRA TVS.